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Spa/Massage Packages

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Breezy Palms Massage



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60 Min Swedish Massage            60


60 Min Deep Tissue Massage      70


60 Min Pre-Natal Massage         60


90 Min Swedish Massage            85


​90 Min Deep Tissue Massage      95


 Himalayan  Salt Stone Therapy       20     Sugar Foot Scrub  w/Hot Towels       15     Aromatherapy                                      5





Himalayan Salt Stone Spa Package                 ~Includes: A Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, a Sugar Foot Scrub with Hot Towels, and relaxing Aromatherapy throughout. The heat from the stones, helps relax tight muscles, allowing for the hands to do their work. Round that out with the sugar foot scrub, hot towels and aromatherapy, and you have the ultimate in relaxation!        100

Sports Massage with Kinesiology Taping Package

-Includes: A Deep Tissue, Full body Massage with Passive Stretching, geared toward Client’s activity level, and a Kinesiology Taping consult with tape application and instruction. This package will  be personalized for the client, based on their sport and/or their exercise of choice. Kinesiology tape is applied to help recover, or to help performance.              100

NOTE: Please wear sports-Type shorts, for this Massage session.